Swiggy Redesign

Being a food lover, Swiggy is the app I use a lot. Open Swiggy, tap restaurants, create a cart and place order. It is smooth experience. Swiggy best-utilizes colors, dividers and white space to organize information. Overall user experience is pretty good but somehow I dig in and discovered the pain points after some research. So here is a deep dive into those features in Swiggy app.


The goal is to identify usability issues and give solution to improve the user experience.


For better user experience during research I discovered that, following feature can improve the user experience by a bit.

1. Live Order Tracking Information Sharing.
2. Split the bill option
3. Delivery executive app: Route optimization

1. Live Order Tracking information Sharing

Share order details with other contacts & also share real-time location tracking


When you order food for someone else, it can be very tedious to keep them posted about order status like what I have ordered or how long it will take arrive or if some delayed then contacting to support for the order and keep them posted.

“I ordered food for my parents, and I was in a meeting. They kept messaging me about delivery status and what I ordered for them. In this case, it would have been very useful if my parents have recived those notification and to make it worse I had to talk simultaneously with delivery guy and my parents to ensure it reaches to door correctly. “

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2. Split the bill

When you’re out with your friends, splitting the check can get complicated. Do you divide the cost evenly or itemize everyone’s food and entrees?


Splitting a bill can be a source of conflict among friends, especially if one person is trying to avoid contributing at all. It can be difficult to split bills fairly, without antagonizing anyone in the process.

“I and my 6 other friends were partying at my place and my friend ordered food for all. But 3 people did not contribute. In this case, the stress of paying the bill can take the joy out of the food experience.”

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3. Route Optimization

due to high demand Swiggy driver have started doing multiple deliveries at once. however there is catch.


Swiggy is known for fast delivery service. Swiggy delivering food from the widest variety of restaurants at lighting fast speed. Everything about this business depends on time. Some of the features from delivery executive side needs to be improved for faster and accurate delivery.

Like at once instance I ordered from restaurant which was right opposite my building but kudos to the swing data science team, out of 2 orders to deliver, one was literally in the same building while other was 45mins traffic away. Swiggy priorities the 45 minutes away order first while I had to wait in same building for 1 hour.

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These are just my thoughts on how Swiggy could provide a better user experience.

oh wait my order has arrived..!

Happy Swiggying!

Thank you!